Design Vs Cancer – For Love & Life Lettering


Design Vs Cancer is an organization that provides financial assistance directly to families with loved ones who are fighting Cancer. They also donate a portion of their profits to help support Cancer research. I first heard about DVC at a design conference I attended this past spring, The Creative South in Georgia.

After speaking with their founder Peter, and hearing how the organization came about, I quickly realized I wanted to contribute. Above is lettering piece I recently finished up to help raise a few dollars, and some awareness for the cause. If you feel compelled to help, or you’re just looking for something nice to hang on the wall at work, please visit the Design Vs Cancer site and pick up a print. Thanks in advance for the consideration and remember… for love and life we must always fight. – Kendrick Kidd


Click on over to Design Vs Cancer and pick up one of these sweet prints today to support a great cause!
Six Different Color Variations Available at 12″ x 16″ for $30 on a matte finished Archival Paper.

Hot Wheels Poster and Icons by Grease


Hot Wheels… that’s right, I said Hot Wheels. Those awesome little die-cast metal cars that are so cool it takes everything I have not to go down that isle in Target even in our mid 30’s. Yeah that Hot Wheels.


A few months back Grease (Kendrick Kidd) had the opportunity to work with Dan Janssen of Soup Graphix on a small piece of a branding book he, and SG were putting together for Hot Wheels. As you can imagine, when the email came through we about lost our minds up in hur. Working on anything for this iconic brand from our years as snot nosed bastards seemed like a mid-day Mexicoke & fish burrito hallucination.

The project came through fast but the direction was on point. And despite a pretty tight turn Grease was able to punch out some quality work for the book. Big thanks to Dan & the folks at SG for lining up the work!

Void Magazine – DNA of Music Cover June 2014


So every now and then we get calls from good friends who own a local Surf / Skate / Lifestyle Publication here in North Florida called Void Magazine. Most of the time they give us plenty of heads up on a project like, oh let’s just say THE COVER. However, this time that heads up consisted of about two weeks but when friends call you gotta make it happen. Lucky for them, they started the email off with “So seeing how you guys are the authority on music related artwork around here…” which never hurts your chances. So Kendrick and I came together like Voltron and brought this bad boy to life and we are super pumped on the outcome. Thanks to the fella’s over Void for the opportunity to work with such an awesome crew once again and if you happen to live in the N. Florida area you should already be seeing this thing invading your favorite local hangout or restaurant with no respect for the authority or elderly. So Hide yo Wife and Kids! – Tron

Read it online here or pick one or two up around town… it makes a great substitute when you run out of TP.

Texas Monthly – Editorial Belt Buckle Illustration


Just finished up another super fun project for the nice folks at Texas Monthly. This time our creative team put together a belt buckle for an editorial piece on living country legend, George Strait. So stoked on how well the buckle rendering turned out… once again Digital Progression comes through with an Ace. Also a huge thanks to TJ for the creative vision and trust. Pulling together a team through multiple time zones on a tight deadline is no easy task, but you seem to pull it off with ease. Cheers to all the collaborations to come.




Creative Direction: TJ Tucker; Illustration: Kendrick Kidd; 3D Rendering: Digital Progression

Eagle One Car Care – Screen Print Poster


Grease (Kendrick Kidd) recently had the opportunity to do some work for the nice folks over at Eagle One. They are hosting a booth at several of the Nitro Circus events this year and were looking to bolster their merch offerings with a few limited edition screen prints. The direction was pretty straight forward: Do something cool that tells the Eagle One story, in a style that the Nitro Circus crowd might like. Done & done!


Big thanks to Tim for hooking up the project and letting Grease run with the ball. And also Tim Styles at Mama’s Sauce for slaying the poster printing. Lots of trust on a hella fun project almost always yields the best results. Hope you enjoy.



Origins of Rad Podcast Featuring TRON!


So last week I was lucky enough to be a guest on one of my all time favorite podcast’s Origins of Rad by a good friend, fellow designer, Floridian, and co-host Clark Orr. I have been a fan of this show since day one and pretty much strong armed my way on during a post dinner arm wrestling match at this past creative south, Over The Top Stallone Backwards Hat Style (Not Really). Clark and Mike share a deep love for all things 80’s good or bad and have had some really great guests on the show as well. Which was a pretty serious winning streak till they dead ended and ran out of options and had to ask me. So if you love the 80’s get on over to and download the latest episode featuring yours truly or subscribe to it on iTunes if thats your media outlet of choice. Awesome Goonies cover art illustration by

Sir Barton 1919 Triple Crown Print & Shirt


Super Rad thanks to Tim Jones and the fine folks over for giving me the opportunity to work on this awesome poster of Sir Barton for Americas Best Racing. Sir Barton was the first horse to ever win the triple crown, though he won it before it actually existed, cue the hidden 3/B with the crown on it, Read More Here. Also thanks to Mama’s Sauce for the awesome print job. They really do make magic!


Product shots courtesy of Americas Best Racing and Team Cornett – Thanks for making us look good!


It’s definitely going to be a big week for this poster and print, Tuesday Tim wrote me to let me know that my Sir Barton poster was heading to the Kentucky Derby this week to have all the Jockeys sign a few copies for a special promotion which is awesome, and that some well know folks like Jim Rome, Collin Cowherd, and Drew Brees would be getting special deliveries of the poster and tee. I didn’t even have time to write him back before I got another email from the great people over at Dribbble to let me know they had featured Sir Barton on the Weekly Replay (Read It Here) along with some of my other good buds Clark Orr, Ryan Brinkerhoff, and Mama’s Sauce. So it’s off to the races this week and if you happen to be there or watching on tv and spot Sir Barton walking around in the gallery, give us a shout cause we’d love to see it! – TRON


If you are really into horses or just like the design, you can hop on over to America’s Best Racing and PURCHASE ONE HERE or pick them up at the Kentucky Derby as well. Also, we were very honored to be featured in this series with Brad Mancuso’s Count Fleet and Rachael Sinclair’s Gallant Fox Prints

Thanks Ya’ll – Creative South 2014


We just wanted to give a brief thanks to everyone who come out to the Creative South in GA last weekend! All the attendees, vendors, speakers, and the entire creative south crew for making this southern event possible. We had such a fun time speaking, meeting everyone, having dinner/drinks, and getting to spend some good quality time with all the people who’s work we admire and look up to and all the great people who support us in what we do as well. Everyone was so nice and just really down to earth good folks.

Thanks to everyone who came and purchased a shirt or poster from us, it was amazing to see people wearing them around and all the awesome photos of the posters along with all the other great vendors that we’re there too. If you missed us at our booth (Sorry We Just couldn’t miss seeing this great lineup of speakers) We will have most of the posters and shirts that was there up in our store in a few days.

As most of you that saw our presentation know, I can truly speak for both @Kendrick Kidd and myself when I say they we are on cloud nine right now and we don’t ever want it to end… ever. In fact I’m going to get a @Nick Slater peach logo tattooed on my left butt cheek this afternoon. Also, please disregard all the terrible run on sentences and bad grammar in this post, as we are still to excited to even double check it.

Also, if you have any photos of us speaking, or photos with us, please shoot them over to us in an email ( as we would love to ad them to this post and show them off to our Momma’s!

See Ya’ll Next Year,
Love TRON & Grease!

LESS THAN JAKE Losing Streak Gig Poster


Here’s our latest Less Than Jake “Losing Streak” themed poster for the double header the recently played at Jack Rabbits here in Jacksonville. When they asked me to do a poster, the idea of doing a Liquor Store delivery van popped into my head because of the song “How’s My Driving” and because Liquor Store has been kind of a recurring theme with the band. They next thing I knew I had figured out a way to incorporate every song from the album into that same theme, Don’t ask me how. But it was also kind of awesome that Losing Streak and Liquor Store both share the same LS initials. Coincidence I think not my dear Watson.


So after I sent off the concept drawing to Vinnie, he asked if there was a way to make it work for both shows. However I didn’t have the time to make two completely different posters. So I got creative and by simply taping off the date halfway through each screen and by making a color change halfway through on the second screen, I was able to make a poster for both nights out of just two screens. Straight Magic or MacGyver Makeshift which ever you wanna call it. But the final product came out rad nevertheless!

If you follow Less Than Jake at all, primary junk food colors like yellow, red, green, and blue have always been a staple in their merchandise and it doesn’t hurt that these color combos also tend to trigger hunger. So I appropriately named these two Medicinal Green and Munchies Red. Just a little bit of subliminal mind control from the Def. So if you hungry every time you look at these, think of your old buddy TRON!

Rightway Signs Storefront Lettering



Grease aka Kendrick Kidd just finished up some fun type work for the fine folks over at Rightway Signs of Chicago Illinois. Word on the street is that there’s talk of gold leafing this one on their storefront window. We can’t wait to see that! Peep the graphic above and the shirt below. It’s always fun to do lettering and sign work for a company who specializes in lettering and signs. Thanks for the work fella! Grease & Tron.

Swing on over to and check out some of the rad hand lettering these guys do!

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