WhaleFace Band Tee and Typeface


Here’s a tee design I just finished up for the band, Whaleface. The melodic hardcore rockers are setting up for a mini tour of north Florida & will no doubt make their way through the greater southeast region of the U.S later this year. But before they set out to conquer the music scene they needed a couple of tees to peddle at their shows to help pay for gas, beer, peanut butter & Twizzlers. If at any point today you’re thinking about grabbing a cup of joe or Red Bull to wake you up from your weekend weariness, I highly recommend giving Whaleface a listen instead, for a quick jolt of jarring raw energy. First show kicks off this Thursday, August 13th at the LandShark in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. – GREASE


Test-Tee’s Test-Tee’s 123… Grease’s Test-Tee

Greases Test-Tees

Halftones, Zipatones, Dashes & Lines, that’s what fun designs are made of… well, that among other things. Just in case you’re wondering what details will & won’t hold up in your retro tee designs, this styley shirt gives you the numbers that work & keeps you dressing snappy in the mean time. Printed on 100% Ultra Cotton Ice Gray Gildan Tee’s

Shirt quantities are limited (like 20… total), so scoop’m up while you can!

PURCHASE ONE… OR TWO now in our Online Store for $20 Bones plus shipping.

You can also view the images in much larger size and detail in our Clothing and Apparel Flickr Set

Greases Test-Tees

Grease Getting It Done at the Day Job!

We wanted to give a little late but much deserved props to Grease for his latest Packaging Design of the Bold City Brewery Logo, Bottles, Growler, and Tap Handles from the day job @TheRobinShepherdGroup, Nice Work Sir! These things got bounced around the net like crazy. First he submitted it to Lovely Package, then from there it got featured on The Dieline, Serious Eats, United Rotation, okaygreat & Notcot!

And of course twitter ate it up. I just love it because it’s a mix of my two favorite things (and obviously Greases’ Too) Beer and Screen Printed Graphics. We also wanna give Jacquie Wojcik Props for her Awesome Names that she came up with that gave Grease the Fuel to Fire! Mad Manatee Is my Fav so far but I’ve gotten to see some news that are Pretty Rad Too so stay Tuned. Keep it Tronolicious… TRON

Feel free to check it out on anyone one of those place above or on Sheperd’s Site www.trsg.net.

Save “My Name is Earl” Poster Camaign

Save Earl!

So for the last couple of days, I have been working on a Series of posters about men with epic Mustache’s. And It just so happened that while I was working on Earl ( Jason Lee ) I saw on twitter that “My Name Is Earl” my favorite show, had been canceled via @WilfridDierkes aka MNIE show creator Greg Garcia. Needless to say I was Pissed! After more investigation, I found out that ABC or FOX might be interested in the show and that they had created a twitter petition @earltwitition which is quit possibly the first of its kind. So being the huge fan I am, I took which was the weirdest coincidence ever, and turned it into a SAVE EARL poster to try and help. If you watch the show its all about Earl’s list of things he has done wrong in his life and is trying to fix one by one. Which is why I chose to present the illustration on Yellow Crumpled up paper. Turned out pretty good I think on such short notice. For once I was ahead of the eight ball and I’m not gonna let it get away. So here it is, DOWNLOAD IT, Print copies and post it around the office and most importantly the web. Greg Garcia (Show Creator) is sending every tweet and re-tweet to NBC, ABC, and FOX in hopes of turning the tide. And hopefully, he will be stoked when he see’s the direct message from twitter with the link to this poster in it… cross your fingers and hope he is stoked. Over and Out… TRON.

Twitter Links: @WilfridDierkes | @earltwitition | @EthanSuplee | @Alyssa_Milano


74 Soundsystem 12″ Vinyl Sleeve layout

Our Good Friend Freddy from 74 Soundsystem came to us to put a little HTD love on his “We Love Bass” version of the iconic “I Love NY” graphic and here is what we came up with. Since everyone dug the Icon Collage we used on the Skull poster, we figured we would try it out again on the heart portion of this, and yeah it’s super simple, but it’s also clean. And thats how we like it! If anyone has ever screen printed on vinyl sleeves or knows where to get some nice plain white ones. Hit Us Up! Well keep you posted on the production on this one. Oh Yeah, sorry for lack of posts lately, I got married! more on that later. TRON

In The Meanwhile, Check out the 74 Soundsystem on their myspace page and rock some BASS!

Honey Nuts & Oaths Wedding Invites

I Got Married!!! And yes it was to a Awesome/Beautiful Woman who has put up with my shit for 8 years now. So Needless to say, I’m Officially off the market now. Im stoked about the future of my new life with my lady and the many other projects we have just waiting to be unveiled. As for the design… Grease laid down a “smooth as butter” Storybook illustration from the story I had written with the help of J-Wo, so my country grammar was right. This thing was twelve pages in all with additional RSVP, Accommodations, & Itinerary. So take a look and let us know what you think. This is not the first one Grease has done, so we will be adding a Packaging / Print Section to the Garage Work section real soon along with some other new stuff.

If you want to take a closer look at these, Page By Page check out the whole set on our HTD flickr account.

DEADWOOD Deck Set by Grease for IB3

Check out these new set of decks by Grease Himself entitled DEADWOOD for the IM BOARD 3 Skateboard Art show. Yeah these are another couple of Beasty prints from the people over at Zazzle.com. They came back a little darker than we had anticipated but they still looked great nonetheless and looked even better hanging up at the show. If you didn’t get a chance to go, visit eyeswideawake.com for links to all the photo sets (Set 1, Set 2, Set 3, Set 4) and a couple of videos. It was a wild show, Chad had a full on Redbull street course, DJ’s and a whole crew of Breakers throwin down. It’s gonna be hard to top the show next year. I did a couple of decks as well but they were last minute Ideas that were just stenciled straight on the Decks. But I had an excuse for the slackery because I designed and printed the show poster which I must say was a pretty cool concept. I really didn’t get the execution I originally had in mind nor was I able to print the posters in multiple colors but they did come out awesome! More on that later, for now check out the rest of the photos from the DEADWOOD Set and start wishin you had mad skills like Grease. TRON OUT!

Check out the Deadwood Flickr Set for more rad photos and angles of these big chinned bastards!

74 Soundsystem Reprint – Pics & Purchase

Just as promised, here are all the pics from the printing session and a link directly to the poster in our store. Just a Reminder, these prints are limited to an edition of 50 and we are definitely not printing it again…ever. If you need another reason to purchase one of these bad boys, just remember they are hand screened 2 color posters printed on 80lb cover with white/gold ink at 18 x 24 inches. All these posters are one-off prints which means each is a one-of-a-kind. Due to the nature of the screenprinting process, little imperfections and blemishes are inevitable. Before it joins the rest of the edition, each print is inspected to make sure its meets our quality standards. All prints are signed, stamped and numbered by both Tron & Grease.

To purchase one of these for $15.00 plus shipping, please click here to enter our online store

If you just want to take a closer look a the print, check out the whole set on our HTD flickr account.

74 Sounds System Reprint – Back In Black

Heads Up Kids! We have had such an overwhelming response to the first version of the 74 Soundsystem skull print that we have decided to reprint it in a different color combo. And now that I have laid this one out, I kinda wish I would have done it like this first. I just have a soft spot for khaki paper. But thanks to the many people who posted version one and said such nice things, we will have the Back In Black version ready for purchase here in just a few days. And for those of you who emailed me about the print don’t worry, I have set aside one for each of you and I’ll be contacting you shortly. I will also have photos of the actual printed poster and more from the session here shortly as well. You know what, all I’ve really accomplished in this post is telling you that Im GONNA do stuff. Alright, I’m on it! — Tron Burgundy.

Big Thanks to Scott Hanson ISO50 | iwantyourskull.com | NFGraphics.com | Evergreen Terrace

City Water Deck by GREASE Featured on UAW

GREASE has his new skateboard graphic featured in brand new segment on Urban Art Warfare called HOW TO NOT 2. This Segment gives tips and advice on various step-by-step process in hopes that you don’t have to do it twice to get it right. Or at least very very close. So enjoy this very first one about how to make a one-off skateboard and check out the links below for more detailed pics of the City Water Deck

View all of the detail shots | Sweet Shot | Top Detail | Middle Detail | Sketch and Graphic
Visit Urban Art Warfare to read the whole step by step process and some comical commentary as well.

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