AIGA Always Summer Poster – Cruel Summer

Click here to see the Alternate Version of the CRUEL SUMMER POSTER on WHITE Paper Stock

It’s that time again for the second annual AIGA Always Summer Poster Show & Mixtape. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite shows next to the SkateDeck show we do every year. For those of you not familiar with it, Each artist/designer picks a favorite summer song of theirs and designs around it, and the DJ’s spin the songs during the festivities. This year we chose an old Favorite called CRUEL SUMMER by an 80’s group named BANANARAMA. For both Grease & I, the first thing that comes to mind when we hear this song is the scene from KARATE KID where Danielson and Ali are playing soccer. So that’s where we went with it, and had a blast doing so. So much in fact we thought about doing a series of overprints like this, but then we start thinking about how long it took to do all those portraiture’s… haha! We’ll See.


This poster was a first for Grease and I, in that this was the first time we purposely tried to do an overprint with transparency using the extender. We experimented with the ratio’s quite a bit and pretty much found out that its trial by fire, and also that the paper color and background solid play a pretty big part of it. We actually printed this poster on both Khaki French Speckletone and solid white sheets. Both seem to yield pretty big differences but both had their own special qualities. The White definitely popped more and played better to the halftones in the brighter orange but the khaki soaked up the orange quite a bit letting the transparency come through a lot more. We might try one more color combo with this print just to experiment with the transparency a bit more, so we’ll keep you posted. We’ll post pics of the actual poster real soon.

You can also check pics of the show on @PointShootEnjoy flickr set & on the Jensen Hande Blog.

Also check out our poster from last years Inaugural Event… Tim Armstrong – Wake Up It’s Summer Bitch

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