Against Me! Cafe Eleven 2012 Gig Poster

Hell Yeah!!! If you missed this show, well… Im sorry to tell you that you missed on of the raddest AM shows in history. I’ve seen quite a few and this one was hands down the best. To quote Dan Andriano from Alkaline Trio “Against Me tore the roof off Cafe 11 tonight! So fucking good.” haha. I also got to see Dan take away one of these posters which fell pretty damn awesome. AM played a number of new songs which Im guessing was the first time being played live and ended with an onslaught of oldies that had the small but packed Cafe 11 Crowd thrashing the stage. When the last song “We laugh at Danger and Break All The Rules” played & Mrs. Laura Jane Grace had to hang from the rafters to sing, It was epic to watch. I was so proud to have been a part of this show. I sang till my voice was gone, the glass was empty, & the party was over – TRON!

Wether you couldn’t make it or just don’t live anywhere close, you can Click Here to Purchase One of these posters from our store and I’ll ship it to you in sturdy little tube straight from the dirty south!