74 Sounds System Reprint – Back In Black

Heads Up Kids! We have had such an overwhelming response to the first version of the 74 Soundsystem skull print that we have decided to reprint it in a different color combo. And now that I have laid this one out, I kinda wish I would have done it like this first. I just have a soft spot for khaki paper. But thanks to the many people who posted version one and said such nice things, we will have the Back In Black version ready for purchase here in just a few days. And for those of you who emailed me about the print don’t worry, I have set aside one for each of you and I’ll be contacting you shortly. I will also have photos of the actual printed poster and more from the session here shortly as well. You know what, all I’ve really accomplished in this post is telling you that Im GONNA do stuff. Alright, I’m on it! — Tron Burgundy.

Big Thanks to Scott Hanson ISO50 | iwantyourskull.com | NFGraphics.com | Evergreen Terrace

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