33.3 Art Show – WEEN / The Mollusk by Grease

Here’s one Grease recently put together for Dana Lechtenberg’s 33.3 art show. The show invited designer/illustrators to reinterpret existing album covers for a one night showing at Schera’s Fine Art in Elkader, Iowa. Grease chose WEEN’s 1997 album, The Mollusk as his inspiration. It’s been a favorite in his collection since hearing The Golden Eel in Volcom’s Freedom Wig. On a side note, Grease had no idea that an octopus was a mollusk until he started researching this project… pretty cool.

If you haven’t checked out the 33.3 site already, I definitely recommend taking a peek when you have a minute to spare. Lots of talented contributors & a heap ton of great work going on. Big thanks to Dana for his time & organizational skills, wrangling this many creative folks is no small task. – TRON